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JinTai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Shantou is a professional production of the family household produ-cts,gift packaging products, and container design,production, processing and market   of integrated production enterprises.
The company has professional design team, mold making facilities, to provide customers with beau-tiful novel of family household products,advertising, gifts,etc., can be printed to provide for the need to design beautiful novel patterns, timely supply of large quantities of products required by customers .
We are adhering to the "pragmatic truth-seeking,innovation, quality first,credit first". Always put the high-tech, high-quality, high efficiency as its own direction of development, give full play to its techn-ological advantages, to develop unique new products and quality advantages, the price advantage, selling domestic and foreign country, by our customers and consumers the praise and trust ......
Shantou Jintai Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
Add:No. 3, South Block, Huatai Industrial Park, Lu Fen Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China

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